Your Customers and Prospects Feast With Their Eyes First

Good photography is good for marketing and branding. In fact, it’s essential. There, we’ve said it. That about sums it up. Just because you have a digital camera or an iPhone doesn’t mean you can create engaging photography.

Let’s face it, some images are worth a thousand words and others are maybe worth a few sentences. It’s true that people feast with their eyes – meaning that we’re naturally drawn to bright, colorful images on a page. And if the imagery is eye-catching, we’re more likely to read the copy on the page (94% more likely, according to the experts). Images often allow us to “see” value before we’re actually informed and convinced. Images kick-start the engagement process. That’s powerful stuff. So, it stands to reason that a poorly-shot image of your workplace or product or CEO can actually do more harm than good to your message and your brand. In other words, you can only get the impact of a thousand words from a single picture as long as it’s a good one.

You owe it to yourself and your business and your brand to invest in good photography.

Marketing takes so many forms – from brochures and business cards to websites and sell sheets – and it’s not a stretch for anyone to believe that each of those marketing tools can benefit greatly from good photography. Yet, imagery is often overlooked in the creation of each, because most people have a natural tendency to place a higher value on the words that fill the pages. And, words are essential as well. But there must be a balance of words and images to satisfy the consumer’s natural desires. They want to see pictures. Give them some!

So, what do we mean when we talk about investing in good photography or film? We’re talking about leveraging the talents of career professionals who know how to shoot TV commercials, portrait photography, product photography, film, and other visual content creation that produces outstanding results for their clients. Additionally, the ROCK Creative Network can give you access to photo retouching professionals that can help enhance and perfect your existing photo stock.

Through ROCK Creative Network, you have access to incredibly talented photographers, as well as film and commercial directors and producers. Each has a professional support team. Each is capable of shooting on location at your office or in the field. So, if you’re ready to be connected to a source for images that arouse interest and inspire action, click here to get in touch with ROCK Creative Network.